Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Is It So Important to Add Great Content to Your Website?

Do you know what the number one type of site available on the internet today is? It's the content based website.
Why is this?Because content...answers...facts, are what people are searching for using the internet for today. Google, a search engine, is one of the most trafficked websites available today. Doesn't that tell us all something?
These are the facts, and knowing these facts, many people have hopped on the train and have themselves created content based websites. The theory goes that if you have one of these websites, you will draw traffic from the search engines and then all you have to do is sell advertising on your website and hey presto!, you're rich!
Keywords. By the same simplistic thinking, these very same info-preneurs have declared keywords to be their holy grail. Create a content based website, ADD keywords, and your profit just increases...what a gold-mine!
So, why isn't everyone rich and satisfied?Because it's NOT THAT SIMPLE.
You see, the search engines are clever. The search engines are driven by us, the searchers. Now tell me, what happens when you search for information via Google? How many websites that come up would you actually deem valuable? My guess is not very many at all.
Do you stay on those websites long? No.Do you bookmark the page, and return in a few hours, a few days? No.
Because it is NOT a valuable website. It has been of no value to you, and the search engines can track this.
And so, despite the fact that a website owner can research his or her keywords, and lace them in to each page, at the end of the day, unless his or her website provides genuine value to it's visitor, that website owner will FAIL.
Because people out there, WE, are searching for valuable website copy.We want to arrive at a website that answers our questions, that is enjoyable to read, a website that doesn't SELL to us when we don't want to PURCHASE anything at all.
So, what IS the answer?
The answer is so simple, it escapes many.
Feed your visitors what they have come to dine on!
Feed your visitors valuable, well written, and engaging content.
But, are keywords not important?Yes, they certainly are. They go HAND-IN-HAND with excellent content, not before.
The true key here is to remember that to please the search engines, you must first please your visitors!
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