Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Truth About Making Money On The Internet

There are people out there who would pay for the some of the information I am about to give you. You have made a very wise decision. We will discuss just a couple of the ways you can begin making money without having to spend a dime. It's up to you what you do with it. As I have said before, nothing beats hard work and dedication.
The first thing, I can not stress this enough, never, ever, fall for that ad you see, that offers work at home data entry for a small start up fee of $10-$20. This is the oldest scam out there. You send them the money and they send you an e-mail with an attachment telling you to place an ad, telling people to send you $10-$20 for a start-up fee. This may the weakest pyramid scheme I have ever seen. At one time, I was so desperate. I actually fell for this. All I can say is, learn from my mistakes.
As you already know, there are thousands of get rich quick scams out there, all of them claiming their method is the only fool proof method to make money. What they don't tell you is they did not start off by making the income they claim overnight. Some of them didn't even make the income they are claiming to make now. It is not hard to use the "copy and paste" technique as you well know. It is also not hard to use Photoshop to prove their point. Not one of them will tell you about Clickbank, PayDotCom, or Commission Junction, which are easily found by doing a simple Google search, along with countless, other affiliate programs that are out there. Herein is the secret to their wealth. They want to make a profit off having done this already and call it their own "secret plan." This isn't a secret plan and it doesn't take you spending your hard earned money on what you can find out for yourself.
Do it now. Type in "affiliate" in your favourite search engine now and see what comes up, page after page of information. The trick is to find how to use these numerous sites to your advantage. You will not get rich overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and effort. There is no simple answer to getting rich quick. But there are methods, if followed, will work for you.
I personally have used these methods to make money. These are the ones that I have found to be the best out of the thousands of scams out there today. The authors of these programs and their techniques are among the best on the Net, unlike the scammers out there who will give you information about these affiliate sites for a fee. That is totally ridiculous in my opinion. The affiliate sites are free to join. The only thing I recommend is to get a bit of help on how to use these sites to your advantage and start making money. It is a long road, and it does take patience. There is no overnight solution, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort required it is VERY possible for your dreams to come true.
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Three Advertising Secrets That Will Save You $$$$

It was a pretty humble beginning for an aspiring leader, working on a crew at a termite and pest control company.
In California, where I lived, a home cannot be bought or sold without a clean bill of health from a termite and pest control company. As they look for these wood eating insects, termite inspectors also report any dry rot and structural flaws in the property.
Which is how I spent a month one summer in Redwood City.
Our company had inspected an imposing turn-of-the-century home that was being put on the real estate market for the very first time in its storied history. The home rested, not on a foundation, but on a dozen or so stacks of concrete block. We had been contracted to bring this building into the 20th century by putting a suitable foundation underneath it.
The crew I worked on jacked up the house with a house jack, cut the floor joists from the posts that rested on the concrete blocks, dug a trench around the circumference of the house, poured concrete, and lowered the house onto its new foundation. What an ordeal!
It is far easier and less time consuming, to put a foundation in first, and then build a house.
When it comes to advertising, most small businesses are like this old house. Instead of working hard and laying a solid foundation, they just slap up a building: advertising here, advertising there, with varying degrees of success. Thousands and thousands of dollars later, most small business owners have no idea if any of this expensive advertising had any impact at all.
Time spent on your foundation can solve this problem. Here are three questions to answer BEFORE you spend one cent on advertising:
1. Who is your target audience?
Who is the person most likely to use your products or services? This is a counterintuitive practice called narrowcasting. Instead of trying to reach everybody, narrowcasting aims at a very specific, identifiable group of people. Narrowcasting is essential for success in today's crowded marketplace. If you are everything to everyone, you are nothing to no one.
Take the time to know EXACTLY who you want to reach and learn everything about him or her.
One of my small business clients did this by tracking all the people who came into his store during a typical week. From that exercise he was able to determine the age range and gender of his primary target, professional women in their late 30's and early 40's. This group comprised almost two-thirds of everyone who came into his store. He also gained some additional information, that young males 18-30 comprised less than 5% of his customer base and were NOT his primary target.
Then he went one step further. This small business owner took 10-15 minutes with 25 of the women in his target and asked them a dozen questions. From their responses he was able to craft a profile of his target complete with likes, dislikes, buying motives, children's ages, daily habits and shaped his advertising by it.
2. What does your target audience read, listen to, or watch?
One of the questions you MUST ask your target audience is what media outlets they read, listen to, or watch. Without knowing this information, your advertising odds are no better that the lottery's.
The dirty little secret in advertising sales is that most buys are ego buys and have nothing to do with targeting. A business owner likes the radio station, or drinks beers after work with the ad rep, or wants to be a TV star in a funny commercial.
If you want to be a star, go to open mic night and the nearest comedy club. Don't gamble away your hard-earned dollars on speculative advertising. Again, find out EXACTLY what your target audience reads, listens to, or watches and place your advertising ONLY on those mediums.
Here too, though, you must be strategic. Don't do something one month in the newspaper and switch to the radio the next month and then try a direct mail coupon book. When you find the medium that connects with your target, dominate it.
If there is one secret to successful advertising, it is this: repetition.
This means having your advertising run and run and run on one medium so that it appears like you own that medium. When you are sick of seeing or hearing your ad, GREAT, your prospects are just now noticing it. Once you have dominated a medium in this way, add a new advertising medium only when you can dominate it as well.
3. What is your compelling benefit?
What do you say in your advertising now that you've defined your target and are ready to dominate a medium that speaks directly to them? Here, too, is where small businesses go awry.
Recognize any of these words?
- Quality service - Lowest price - Serving the state since 1982
These slogans, and hundreds like them, mean nothing because they don't say anything. A compelling benefit, however, grabs your prospects by the throat and demands their attention.
To craft your compelling benefit, you must first know your competitive advantage. What do you do better than anyone else in the business? Focus on that one thing and state it in a powerful, succinct way. Sure you do other things, and people will get to know that in time, but first you need a clear, simple focus to your messaging.
Now take your competitive advantage and state specifically how you will make a person's life different when they experience it. Will you make them money? Keep them safe? Bring greater health? Increase quality of life?
Here are two examples:
The Kingston Training Group specializes in teaching sales people how to set first appointments. Their six word slogan, all beginning with the letter M, is this: Make More Meetings, Make More Money. Note the competitive advantage, setting appointments, and the compelling benefit, increasing income, stated in a memorable way. Perfect!
The benefit statement I have for my business is this: A BETTER Business, A BETTER Life. I specialize in helping small business owners build their business in a systematic way that allows them to live the life they wanted when they started it in the first place. Again, stated in just six words.
This best part about this tool is that it is absolutely free because words are free. Work on your words. Make them simple, short, and powerful. Then build all your advertising around them.
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Imagine... You Can Build A Money Site In Just 30 Days

Your website is the keystone for your virtual Business.
If you have a desire to make good money online, we need to expand your sphere of knowledge. On the surface, it may appear that, all you need is a splashy website and a link to your Paypal account. I wish it were actually that simple, besides your sales page you will need to understand the dynamics of a Hosting account, plus some web pages combining everything into a seamless smooth flowing experience for your customer... bottom line you need Business Automation, a powerful business engine that will drive your site efficiently, creating your Virtual ATM Machine.
Your website is your virtual sales force, in essence, your store, it is where your prospective customers can come in and look around hoping to find that product or service they desire to buy.
So how do we achieve business automation and build this virtual ATM?
To achieve this goal we must combine a lot more technology, adding expensive software applications to manage and run our website, develop our sales pages and to add video and audio to display our products in a true virtual commercial state. We need software to track and monitor our advertising performance, and our sales, to collect and process credit cards, shipping data and the total administrative functions necessary to manage any business.
This is discouraging, and the reason over 90% of all online ventures fail within their first year.
Therefore, what do you need to do to ensure success and build this virtual ATM Machine...? You have two choices:
1. You can hire a very expensive webmaster to identify, incorporate and manage all the technical issues, purchasing and implementing them for you, or.
2. Spend the 12 - 18 months learning the technology and doing it yourself.
If you decide to pursue this task on your own you will need to make sure you have the following items at a minimum to hope for success:
1. A quality Hosting account.
2. High quality web-builder software.
3. A substantial knowledge of HTML.
4. A good autoresponder.
5. Traffic tracking software application.
6. Split Testing software application.
7. Your all important Merchant Account.
8. A web business centered statistical package to monitor your revenue and statistics.
This is your minimum requirements to implement a successful online business; you can easily add many more bells and whistles, but hold on to your wallet the price tags rolls up quickly.
If you do decide to venture out on your own, be prepared to spend a good 12 - 18 months learning the required technology, and software applications. Remember that this time spent is time taken away from your ultimate goal... making money.
This is a critical point - your goal from the outset should be spending no more than 10% of your time on technology and 90% on driving traffic, and converting customers into buyers... in order to succeed.
Alex Mandossian, a legend in online marketing said it best:
"There's no money to be made in learning technologies... unless you want to be a webmaster."
So my advice... mentor success and do not fall into the technology trap, find one of the hosted programs that provides all the money making services and technologies you will require to have your business up and operational in days instead of months.
Not only will this save you an incredible amount of time and money, but also the savings in shear aggravation will offset any out of pocket expense incurred. Typically these companies's charge about 1/10th the physical cost of purchasing and integrating the technology separately to build your web machine.
As Alex said, your key to success is having someone else handle the technology requirements, so hire a webmaster, or get one of the integrated website programs available so you can focus on your primary goal; driving traffic, converting customers, and making money.
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Making My First Million on the Internet

Like many of you, I began my Internet business full of hope and optimism. I planned on making my first million within a year or two. At that point, I'd tell my boss what he could do with his job! We'd get that house on the beach and the black Jaguar we always wanted. Ahhh, life will be good!
Having no idea how an Internet business worked, I did some research. The information I learned, enticed me to buy three or four ?How to Make Millions' programs. In addition, to further my studies, I joined list after list to increase my knowledge. Soon, my email box was stuffed every day with more and more ?Get Rich Quick' offers. Because I'm a slow learner, I bought a couple of these programs and again, I lost money. I was beginning to think that Internet businesses were nothing but scams. Not only did I NOT make my million dollars, I was losing money left and right trying to get rich using worthless programs!
By this time, I'd been in business for a couple of months and already I was out a thousand dollars. And to make matters worse, I'd only made about $25 in profits. At about this time, I finally figured it out; it's not really possible to get rich quick (unless you're very lucky). There had to be a better way!
I did more research (and this time, I did not visit sales pages). I investigated how the most successful Internet entrepreneurs made money. I found out that almost all of the most successful gurus's have their own products to sell. Most of them use digital products and they depend heavily on affiliate programs to make their money. They get hundreds, or even thousands of us to sell their products for them. And each time an affiliate makes a sale, they make money.
So I set out to copy their efforts and develop my own product. Not being a writer, I needed a way to get my ebook written by someone else. And I needed to get it done by spending as little money as possible. I developed 3 methods to get others to write my ebook for me. Two of those methods are absolutely free. I started my own affiliate program and within a day, people were joining my program. Within 4 days, some of the affiliates were beginning to generate sales. And I was making money! Not millions, but a few dollars here and a few dollars there. Soon, I was making money on a consistent basis. During my third month, I made almost 500 dollars. It wasn't a million, but that is the real way to make money on the Internet.
I took meticulous notes on every aspect of my plan and documented the entire process. I wanted to make sure that others could duplicate my techniques. I put these notes into a file for future reference. Two months ago, I found my original notes and developed them into an ebook. If you want to make money on the Internet, forget the ?Get Rich Quick' schemes, they don't work. The real money on the Internet is made by developing your own product and starting an affiliate program.
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